Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I love how the intereiors of homes during the Victorian Era were covered with busily patterned wallpaper. One of my favorite local wallpaper boutiques is Walnut. Since I rent I sadly can't put wallpaper up in my home, but I go to Walnut once a month for design and pattern inspiration. 

(samples from Walnut Wallpapers shop)

My favorite contemporary wall paper designers are Dan Funderburgh, Mark Mothersbaguh of Walteria Living (and Devo!) and Alistair McAuley & Paul Simmons of Timorous Beasties.

(Dan Funderburgh)

(Mark Mothersbaugh)

(Timorous Beasties)

If you're interested in how, why and where wallpapering originated, Barbara Krasner-Khait has written a fabulous article for History Magazine about the history of wallpaper, while Rebecca Schunck breaks it down with a to the point timeline.

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Agent Lover said...

We never had wallpaper in our house growing up so donchu know when I get the haunted mansion of my dreams I sure as hale gonna have some belbet baroque designs up in this betch!!