Friday, July 9, 2010


I've always loved Anna Sui. When her La Brea store closed down I was devastated, only to be elated yet again when she re-opened on excitement was short lived and quickly followed by shock and deep depression when that store too closed down with no notice. She never re-opened and I still don't know what happened, but in the end it's okay since the stores demise has inadvertently saved me a lot of money and it's now one more place for me to visit when I'm in New York and Tokyo.

I'd read about her on going lawsuit with Forever21 a while back, but I had no idea that three years ago, guests at her Spring 2008 runway show were gifted this hysterical shirt she had made.

The t-shirts were printed with an old western-style "Wanted" poster on them that featured a portrait of Don Wong and Jin Sook Chang, the deeply religious founders of Forever21, depicted as "Don Cassidy and the Sundance Jin." Since the founders are well known for printing John 3:16 on their shopping bags, Sui included an appropriate verse for them at the very bottom of the shirt: Exodus 20:15 "THOU SHALT NOT STEAL".


I found out about the shirt a few days ago via the "ForeverUnfair" blog, who have just recently posted a great Sweat-Free Shopping Guide. The blog also offers an informative list of links (minus Peta, sorry I just can't) to sites that cover topics ranging from drug offenders in our jail system to whaling commisions. I don't know who runs the blog, but I have a lot of respect for what they're doing.

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