Monday, July 13, 2009

I left my heart in Tokyo

I just got back from spending some time in Tokyo with one of my besties and my love. Needless to say, I've yet to recover. Tokyo is the most magical, inspirational place I've ever been to.
I don't know how to explain the experience except to say that anything you can dream of already exists somewhere in Tokyo. I took over a thousand photos and have a million memories but its all too much to tell.

One of our more memorable ventures (and there were many!) took place at the worlds only museum devoted to parasites.

Established in 1953 by Dr. Satoru Kamegai, the
Meguro Parasitological Museum is part museum, part research facility and is run by volunteers, scientists and lab assistants.

The set up of the museum is super minimal and beautiful. The 1st two floors of the 6 story building are devoted to the exhibition of parasites, while the remaining 4 stories are used for research, education and lectures. As soon as you enter on the 1st floor, you're presented with beautifully constructed charts, vinyl models and bottled specimens, giving you a basic overview of parasites. Its not until you reach the 2nd floor of the museum that you get to see their breathtaking collection of 300 parasites and learn more about their life cycle. While the museum
showcases 300 plus parasites, they actually house somewhere around 45 THOUSAND. Truly amazing.

The MPM is also home to the worlds longest tapeworm!

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