Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Your Museum Makes You the Coolest

There is one thing that New York has that I am unquestionably jealous of...


The AMNH is hands down the best Natural History museum in the United States.
They are well funded, have the best special exhibits, and jaw-dropping dioramas. 

A couple of years ago I stayed at a friends apartment on 82nd and Columbus and I went to the AMNH every morning for a few hours for 5 days straight and that STILL wasn't enough time to see everything! I only got through the 1st two floors AND I was rushing.

Right now at the AMNH, there is an exhibit on a golden cloth from Madagascar made of undyed silk, which took four years and some 80 people to produce.
Oh and it was made by over ONE MILLION GOLDEN ORB SPIDERS. 

Other then the amazing Spider Silk exhibit, there is also an all new Space Show narrated by Whoopi fucking Goldberg. Like I said, they're the best.


Agent Lover said...

You know I was super depressed sitting on the steps of the ANHM because I didn't have time to see WHOOPI! :(

Cloven Hoof said...

i never knew! let me see how long it's running for...maybe we can go to NY for the weekend